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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

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  Engineers, Designers, Drafters & Other Support Personnel


Do you charge a fee for finding me a job


  • No. CPI will never charge a fee to our employees or to direct placement candidates


Will you send out my resume to your clients without my permission? 


  • No. CPI staff will not forward your resume to our clients without talking to you first.


Are all of your jobs temporary jobs?


  • No, some of our employees have been on steady contract assignments with CPI for many years.
  • Contract / temporary positions often lead to direct/permanent hires 
  • Occasionaly an engineering firm is looking to hire directly and will use our "Direct Placement" service.  CPI will never charge our employee or a candidate a fee when they are hired as a direct employee.       


Does CPI only hire Engineering Personnel? 


  • No. Although we specialize in the support of technical personnel to engineering firms, we are often asked by our clients to locate secretarial/clerical and other support personnel as well.   


When I am looking for employment, how often should I contact your Recruiter? 


  • You may call our Recruiter as often as you like, in fact we recommend that while you are looking for a new position that you keep in contact with the CPI staff every week or two.   


 As a CPI contract employee will I get holiday pay? 

  • Normally CPI employees working 40 hours a week will receive all the holidays our client observes up to a maximum of 11 (some exceptions may apply in special circumstances).

 Can I get Over Time pay? 

  • Yes.  CPI employees are hourly employees and hours worked more than 40 in a work week will be paid as time and one-half (some exceptions may apply, i.e.: In some states and with some client's approval, hourly employees may receive time and one-half pay for hours worked more than 8 in a day.)

Will I lose a holiday pay if I do not work the day before and after the holiday?

  • No.  Active CPI employees do not have to work the day before or the day after the holiday in order to receive holiday pay, they just have to remain an active employee.

Does CPI offer vacation pay to their employees? 

  • Normally our employees receive 40 hours vacation pay for every 1,000 straight time hours worked (some exceptions may apply in special circumstances).

Will I lose my vacation pay if I do not take it by the end of the year? 

  • No.  Vacation pay not used by year's end will roll over onto the new year.

Do I have to take a whole weeks vacation or can I break it down to when I need it? 

  • After working 1,000 straight time hours, CPI employees who are eligible for vacation pay have the option of their vacation any way they need to.  It can be used with holidays,  taken in hourly increments, used all at one time, or held until you leave our employment.

Does CPI offer a 401K option for their employees?

  • Effective 1/29/2016, CPI no longer offers a 401K plan. 

When do CPI employees get paid? 

  • Our employees are paid every two weeks and they have the option of having their paychecks mailed to them, or directly deposited in their savings, checking or credit union accounts.

I'm interested in contract work, but why should I choose CPI as my "job shop"?

  • Besides offering our contract employees benefits, we also know that they are our business and we treat them with the same consideration and respect that we give our clients.  We respond to all our employees questions and phone calls and get back to them as quickly as possible with answers or solutions to their questions.  

What advantage would I have working for CPI rather than as an Independent Contractor?

  • At first glance it seems as if Independent Contractors make a lot more because their rates as usually higher, however when it comes tax time they use a 1099 form and are responsible for both the employee taxes as well as the employer's portion.
  • If injured on the job, you would be covered under our Worker's Compensation Insurance.
  • Independent Contractors do not qualify for Unemployement Compensation when the job comes to an end.

What happens if I am laid off from ? 

  • CPI employees who are laid off are also eligible for Unemployment Benefits.
  • We will work hard to locate you another position in your skill area.   

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