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  Engineers, Designers, Drafters & Other Support Personnel

Need to hire personnel?
Let CPI fill that need.



  • Often companies develop a backlog of work and need someone to help them meet their deadlines.  These positions are typically "short-term" or "long-term"contract jobs without any current expectation of our employee being directly hired by our client.
  • After receiving your job requirements, the CPI staff begins searching for qualified candidates through our large data base, by networking, through job boards, and advertising.  Resumes are reviewed by our recruiters and matched to your needs.  Qualified candidates are then submitted to your company for your review. Upon your request, an interview is arranged between the hiring manager and the candidates you are interested in meeting.  When a candidate is selected, a pay rate is agreed upon, and a starting date is determined.  CPI will then begin the hiring process and assign our employee to work under your supervision.


  • When we receive a request from our client to fill a staffing need, we will go over the job requirements with our client.  One of the questions we will ask is if this position is expected to become a direct hire after a specified time frame (after six months).  This time frame of six months gives both the company and the contract employee an opportunity to work with each other and determine if a direct position is mutually beneficial. This also gives the company an opportunity to review their current and expected workloads before a direct position is offered.  The recruiting process is the same as above.
  • The is no fee to our client if an offer to hire is made after the specified time frame
  • If a candidate is offered a direct position by our client sooner than the specified time frame, our client will then be charged a pro-rated fee based on the amount of time our employee has been assigned to them and on their annual base salary.


  • When we receive this type of job requirement our clients indicate that the candidate selected will be hired directly from our client after the pay rate and starting date have been negotiated.  The recruiting process is the same as above.  A competitive direct placement or "finder's fee" is charged to our client for this service. 


  • This service is utilized when our clients locate an individual on their own who they would like to have work on their projects as a contract individual.  They may refer this individual to CPI to work at their facility as our employee.  We are responsible for all statutory cost as this individual will become our contract employee.  
  • Since CPI did not recruit this person our client has the option of hiring this individual directly at their discretion without any fees.
  • This service gives our clients the opportunity to fill a temporary position with someone they know, such as a retiree. 
  • They may also use this service when they are interested in hiring an individual directly, but are not able to do so immediately.


  • A client may choose to use CPI as their primary or sole source for technical personnel.
  • The recruiting process is the same as above.
  • Since CPI is the primary or sole vendor, a discounted rate would be given for these services.


CPI will support you and your Human Resource Department with our knowledge of this industry and with our large data base of technical and other support personnel.  When our contract employees are assigned to work at your facility, you will be invoiced a flat hourly rate eliminating other costly and time consuming expenses to your company.  CPI is responsible for the administrative and overhead costs.  Below are services we offer and the benefits our clients take advantage of when using our services.
Using CPI's Services Saves Your Company Administrative & Recuiting Costs 
    • Advertising Costs (Newspaper Ads and Job Boards)
    • Background Checks Expenses (at client's request)
    • Drug Testing Expenses (at client's request)
    • Administration Expenses for Employer Statuatory Contributions 
    • Payroll Administration Expenses.
    • Record Keeping Expenses(Vacations, etc.)
    • Recruiting Expenses
    • Reference Checks
    • Unemployment Compensation Administration Costs
    • Worker's Compensation Administration Costs

Statutory Costs Are CPI's Responsibility:

    • FICA
    • Federal Unemployment
    • Payroll Taxes
    • State Unemployment(Ours is higher so yours will be lower)
    • Worker's Compensation Insurance (contract employees are covered under our Worker's Compensation Insurance if they are injured on the job).

Benefit Costs are provided by CPI:

    • Direct Deposit
    • Holiday Pay
    • Vacation Pay