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Employee Benefits

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  Engineers, Designers, Drafters & Other Support Personnel


    • Most CPI employees receive eight hours holiday pay for the same holidays that are observed by our client, up to a maximum of 11 per year.
    • Active employees do not have to work the day before and after the holiday.  They will not lose their holiday pay if they take day(s) off before and/or after a holiday.
    • Most CPI employees receive 40 hours vacation pay every 1,000 straight time hours worked.
    • Vacation pay that is not taken by the end of the year will roll over to the new year.
    • Our employees have the option to take their vacation pay in a lump sum, or in hourly increments.  Many of our employees like and use this option when they have to take just a few hours off work. 
    • Vacation pay not taken by the end of a contract assignment will be issued in the last paycheck  
    • Our employees have the option of receiving their paychecks in the mail or having them directly deposited into their checking, savings, and/or credit union accounts.

Why chose to work for CPI and not as an Independent Contractor?

  • Worker's Compensation. 
    • All CPI employees are covered under our Worker's Compensation Insurance if they are injured while working at a job assignment.
  • CPI pays the Employers portion of Taxes.
    • Independent Contractors get hit hard when it comes tax time because they have to pay both the employee's and employer's portion of taxes.
  • Unemployment Compensation
    • Independent Contractors cannot file for unemployment when their job is completed.  CPI pays into the unemployment fund for each individual contract/temporary employee.  When the job is finished and if there are no other positions available matching your experience at that time, then our employees have the option to file for unemployment compensation until we locate them a new position.